Modern Day Beauty and the Beast

Doesn’t this remind you of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

Immediately when I put this box together, all I could think of was the famous “Enchanted Rose” and it’s meaning. If you recall, there was a spell on this rose that could only be broken if the “Beast” and his lady (in this case, Belle) could not only learn to love each other but also, earn each other’s love. Ultimately, once the spell was broken, the rose goes back to being a full red rose (If my memory serves me correct) and the Beast returns back to being beau. I’ve always loved this story; especially because of the meaning (or my interpretation of the meaning).

Love goes beyond just looks, it’s an emotional and mental connection that brings this sensation where you feel like you can’t live without the other person (who said you can’t define love anyway?!). Ultimately, it’s a closeness and connection you can’t feel with just anyone (like how Belle just couldn’t feel it with the handsome f***boy Gaston). Which is exactly why the For Always single red rose is perfect for that couple who just fell in love, for a man to give to his woman at engagement, or even for your eligible bachelorette girlfriend who is looking for her “Beast”.

Basically, my point is that it can totally be purchased for any reason . . . for a sentimental reason, for a gift or even just to add to your decoration collection. Click here to see the price list and here to order or ask questions.