Last Year’s Lesson, This Year’s Motivation

WOW! Is it just me or did 2017 fly by?! Thank goodness though because let me tell you, it was definitely NOT my year. Yesterday I reflected over the past year and I realized that the bullshit actually allowed me to appreciate the beauty in the smaller things I may have taken for granted in the past. I know, sounds cliche, right? Anyway, as I had this epiphany, I also came to realize that “learning” or “to learn” was the ultimate theme of 2017.

Not only did I discover a whole lot about myself, but I learnt a whole lot about the people around me too. When it comes to myself, I realized the following (which are all still a work-in-progress):

  1. The importance of patience, perseverance and resilience
  2. The wisdom to choose which battles to (or not to) fight
  3. The ability to laugh at the face of adversity
  4. The attitude to remain positive (even at the darkest of hours)

It’s clear that self-reflection and positivity only make us stronger and allow us to achieve our goals–to do our best through it all (for example, it pushed me to start For Always!).

What did you learn this year? Think about it. In the meantime, I’ll be screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR all. damn. week.



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