Some Simple Math

Sooooo before I get started on my math lesson, let’s get one thing straight—I ain’t no Einstein . . . obviously. Ahhhhem . . . now, before I begin, please do the following: 1. take a seat 2. get out your paper and pencil (no, not a pen . . . a pencil (we’re doing math!)) and 3. take this in:

Preserved roses are the future. Why you ask? Simple. They’re gorgeous and they come in any colour you want. Literally. They contribute to beautifying any space. Plus, on top of all that, see below.

Preserved roses don’t make a mess. How many times have you bought flowers and after a few days, they start to dry out and wilt? Wait, let me answer! Probably more than a dozen (get it?!). And what comes next? You try to throw them away in a garbage bag and then they naturally start crumbling all over the table or floor you’re above. Thennnnn, you have to take out a cloth or vacuum and clean that shit up (not to mention the stench that comes with it). Nope. Not with preserved roses, this won’t happen: no drying out, no water, no mess, no smell.

Preserved roses are the perfect gift. Without me having to spell it out, I think it’s obvious. It’s a gift that lasts a long time, is beautiful and is tres symbolic (stay tuned for my birthday collection).

Preserved roses actually save you money. Or are of great value, depending on how you look at it. And this ladies and gents . . . is the math part, so pay attention.

  1. Let’s start with: 1 box of 3 For Always roses = $80
  2. Now let’s calculate the cost of 3 non-preserved roses: A dozen roses are ~ $50/ 12 = $4.16 x 3 = $12.50
  3. How many days in a year? You should know this . . . 365!
  4. How many days does a typical non-preserved rose last? ~ 5 days (if it’s a good one)
  5. So, how many times would you have to buy 3 roses if you wanted them to last a year? 365/5 = 73
  6. Ok now, how much money would you have to spend in the year to maintain 3 non-preserved roses? $912.50!
  7. Last question: How much will For Always save you in a year? Drumroll please . . . $832.50 ($912.50 – $12.50)

Told you . . . that wasn’t too bad, right?

I hope that put some things into perspective 😉



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