Hi! I’m J, a self-proclaimed Marketing Maven by day and a florist by night (and weekend and every holiday). Since you stumbled upon my site, I thought it was only fair you got to know a little more about me and about For Always.


Let’s start with how I got I here. I was your typical girl who grew up in the suburbs of Toronto. My father is an Engineer/Business owner and my mom is . . . we’ll get to that in a minute.  As for me, I followed the common “practice” of growing up as an over-achiever—I danced competitively throughout my youth, completed high school (while maintaining consistent part-time gigs), achieved my Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing and got my first job out of university as a Marketing Assistant (for the most luxurious shopping Centre in all of Toronto).  After a couple years, I took on the corporate world and worked for one of Canada’s largest and best companies.


Fast forward a few years. I didn’t really feel as though I was working my Passion (my creativity!) . . . actually, I blame my mother who was a finance advisor, turned customer service rep turned mortgage specialist, turned teacher, turned mortgage broker/occasional aspiring singer (point from paragraph above fulfilled).  In all due respect, I actually say “blame” as a term of endearment in this context . . . she taught me to NEVER SETTLE! Anyway, I had this constant ‘thing’ in my head that that kept me thinking . . . “what the HECK am I doing?!”, “What is my passion?” and blah, blah.


Moving on. One day I was scrolling my day through Instagram and noticed Kim Kardashian posted these GORGEOUS boxed (and preserved) roses. I was in utter amazement. Not only were these gorgeous, but what a GREAT (business, home decorating, gift, promo) idea! I then began to research like crazy and became completely obsessed.


Then BOOM, I got in a car accident (bet you weren’t expecting that) which resulted in a concussion (amoungst other things) that forced me to put my life on a temporary hold. Finally, as I started to feel a bit better (still not feeling 100%, to say the least), I picked up where I left off pre-accident. Now, a few months later and here we are . . . For Always Flower Company—a florist and a lifestyle blog (what a combo!).